Find Your Inner Storyteller!

I’m excited for the official launch of my 30-day Get Your Ink On writing challenge!  The following is the announcement as it was shared on the blog:

Writing about yourself is fun. It’s also good for your mental health: studies have found that journaling about your experiences and emotions makes you happier and less stressed. But it can be hard to know where to start or what to write about. It’s also scary to open up and be vulnerable to criticism from others and from yourself.

We’ve invited Coach Jen Anderson to guide you through the intimidating process of learning to write about yourself. She specializes in no-nonsense, bold, and beautiful writing as a contributor to Medium’s top personal storytelling collection, Human Parts. She writes with raw honesty and vulnerability about her life experiences from falling in love to facing addiction.

Jen will be your personal guide as you find your voice and learn to tell your own stories. This plan will build up your confidence in your writing, stretch your creativity, and warm you up to a daily writing habit in just 10 minutes a day. You’ll also access community discussions where you can share your writing and learn from your peers.

Think of this plan as your own creative writing group, right at your fingertips.

Get the 30-Day writing plan for $6.99 if you sign up in the next 24 hours. It’ll be $14.99 after that.

We look forward to seeing you Get Your Ink On!

xoxo, Jen


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