Blood River


(election season 2016)

River rushes through
Earth’s wound.  The red current framed
by mountainous sides.
One, craggy. Cloud shadowed.
The other sunlit,
but steep still.

Shale sloughs off like
rocky sunburn, into heavy depths
below the foaming churn.
Bits, once bold and sky high
condemned to river’s
dark bed.

Waters rise and fall
with rain eroding edges that conduct
the course. Boulders budge,
soil shifts as beavers flee
from sinking

This gaping gorge,
this festering slice. No vines strong
enough (or long enough) to
stitch the sides. No piney
sap to seal the

Relentless, red and
forward fierce, river roars toward it’s
conclusion. To the place where
waters congregate.
Where mountains
have no say.



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